3DTop, to get started quickly.

If you've downloaded 3DTop.zip:
Open 3dtop.zip and extract "3DTop.exe" to your desktop. Double-click on "3DTop.exe" on your desktop.

If you've downloaded 3Dtop.exe:
Copy "3DTop.exe" to your desktop. Double-click on "3DTop.exe" on your desktop.

That's it, when you start the program for the first time "Icon3d.dat" will be created and is used to store 3DTop-latest-settings.
For best experience, put a shortcut of "3DTop.exe" in your "startup"-programgroup. After a few days or so (or maybe minutes) you'll want nothing else.

To Quit.
Make sure that the 3DTop-window is active by clicking on it with a mouse-button, then press "Esc" on your keyboard.

To use 3DTop.
Left mouse-button is for selecting and dragging things around if an icon is selected, and changing your view if no icon is selected.
Alt-key + left mouse-button is for rotating things or looking up and down.
Control-key + left mouse-button is for making multiple selections.
Shift-key + left mouse-button is for strafe-mode (slide to the left or right).
Left mouse-button and dragging followed by simultaneously holding down the right mouse-button will change the distance of the icon when an icon is selected or else the height of your view-point.
Right mouse-button is for selecting colors, pop-up menus and cancel-stuff etc..
Paintings can only be dragged by selecting the bottom- or top-edge, sizing by dragging one of the other edges.
I believe that's it.

Some important tips.
- Icons such as "My Computer" and "Network" are icons that the program can not find on the normal desktop. Therefore you'll have to make shortcuts of these on your normal desktop.
- Shortcuts or files can also be dragged onto the 3dtop.
- Icons that are deleted from 3dtop are deleted from the normal desktop also (however...see below)!
!- If you don't want the icons of the normal desktop to be used, you can alternatively copy "3DTop.exe" to a directory of your choice where you can then store and use your shortcuts or files (copy them from your normal desktop for instance). If you've done that you'll realize that it is only a small step to surfing your entire computer with 3DTop, but that will take some extra time in programming, while the practical use of it is questionable.
-Windows NT users, if you haven't done it already, set "smooth edges of screen fonts" in "Display"-> "Plus" to on (checked). This will make all text look better.

System requirements.
OpenGL installed . Hardware-acceleration recommended.
Tested on:
Pentium133, Windows NT4.0SP3, Leadtek L2300 Permedia2 based video-card, Ok.
Pentium133, Windows NT4.0SP3, Matrox-mystique, no hardware-acceleration : slow, barely usable.
Pentium2 350MHz, Windows NT4.0SP1, Matrox G200, Ok. Tested without beta-opengl-icd at 64k colors.
Digital Hinote Ultra Laptop, 486 with 8MB Ram and Windows 95. Runs perfectly, but too slow, unusable.
Pentium2 450MHz, Windows NT4SP3, STB Velocity 4400, TNT based video-card.Ok.

If you don't have OpenGL installed on your system go here. Opengl32.dll and Glu32.dll need to be present in your Windows-system-directory.