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Downloading 3DTop:


3DTop brings a third dimension to your desktop and is very addictive .

Before you try 3DTop we would like to point out that this little program will not install anything on your computer and will not change the registry-settings of your computer in any way.

To install:

Copy or extract 3dtop to your desktop and double-click on 3dtop. That's it, when you start the program for the first time "Icon3d.dat" will be created and is used to store 3DTop-latest-settings.
If everything is to your satisfaction and you like it, put a shortcut of "3DTop" in your "startup"-program group. After a few days or so (or maybe minutes) you'll want nothing else.


Download !

July 2021, latest stable version.

  • 64-bit installer. Go

- Improved display of active Windows & Programs
- Installer package for easy installation
- Icon in the notification area
- New standard location of desktop files
- General improvements and bugfixes

February 2010.
Download latest 32 and 64 bit versions here, you will also find some plugins:

  • 32-bit. Go
  • 64-bit. Go

- use high res shell icons
- mouse wheel support
- enter as new world didn't work correctly anymore. solved.
- when creating a new world with a plugin loaded in the original world, this plugin was removed from the original world. solved.
- crash during switch worlds due to mouse move. solved.
- removed no-association icon, as windows shell icons are ok now.
- spot focus didn't work anymore. solved.
- first click on color chooser etc wasn't correct. solved.
- many many optimizations , also much source-code streamlining.

Download earlier version: November 2009-

- Increased frame-rate from 25 to 50 frames per second.

Download earlier version: January 2004 -

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