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- How do I uninstall this thing ?
As 3DTop doesn't install anything on your computer there is no uninstall. Simply delete 3dtop.exe and icon3d.dat. But be sure that you quit 3DTop first :

- How do I quit ?
Press 'Esc" on your keyboard. This might seem a bit strange, but we had to build in something for people to complain about.

- How do you make color-cubes disappear?
Go back to the place where you selected it and deselect it, et voila. This will work with other things also.

- How do I delete a painting?
Right-click on the frame and the painting-menu appears.

- Which graphics cards support 3DTop?
Any graphics card that has decent Open GL acceleration will work well with 3DTop.

- Do you plan on continuing the development of 3DTop?
Of course, in the future we might even hire some full-time programmers to work on it. If you are interested, send us a mail (you'll have to move to Maastricht though!).

- What future enhancements are you planning?
Well, that's an easy question:

A lot!


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